WERSI Vocalis 120 High Definition Speakers (Pearl White / High Polish Black)



WERSI Vocalis (Pearl White / High Polish Black)

WERSI present an enriched active monitor loud speaker that outputs the perfect sound for your OAS instrument! The WERSI Vocalis speakers are characterized by a homogeneous characted with a sound clarity that is crystal clear. Already, the music industry press have referred the new Vocalis speakers as being comparable with diamonds! Rare and perfect!

The mid and bass range are well drawn with a perfect balance. The ribbon transducer produce the high frequencies meaning that the user and listener receives high resolution sound! All sound transients in the mid and treble range are perfectly produced and put many other competing speaker systems into the shade. 

Externally, the WERSI Vocalis boasts a beautiful aesthetically pleasing design. A well designed column housing, paying homage to WERSI tower speaker design of old. So no matter the setting that the Vocalis is displayed, it will look beautiful. Thanks to the excellent workmanship of the Vocalis speakers they are versatile and also produce excellent home sound resolution for home Hi-Fi, TV and home cinema setups or entertainer and live gigs for other brand of keyboards too. WERSI have done their homework. 


4 woofer with a concave aluminum cone ribbon tweeter (magnetostatic) 

Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz 

Frequency range: 35Hz - 28kHz 

Amplifier power: 120W RMS, 200W music Integrated limiter 

1 x Line In / Parallel Out on XLR combo jacks level control

 Dimensions: Height 1090 mm x Width 222mm x Depth 286 mm