Wersi OAX 1000 - Preowned (Jan 2016)



We have a great offer on this pre owned OAX 1000 that has been taken in part exchange for the new Flagship Pergamon. 

This fantastic 3 manual OAX organ features:

The Wersi SONIC OAX1000 is a triple keyboard digital organ,  with a pearl white finish. If only the best is good enough for you in terms of digital organs, you'll struggle to find anything as advanced and special as the WERSI SONIC OAX1000. Like no other organ manufacturer, Wersi is renowned for their unusual, but impressive, musicality, technology, and design.

When you sit down at the beautiful organ bench of the OAX1000 you can feel your music and that you're sat at an instrument with the highest level of instrument making. There are three manuals (upper and middle manual per 61-key, lower manual 76 keys) and the 25-key full pedalboard. Together, they allow you to create the most complex and memorable melodies on your instrument, from the most glorious arrangements involving solo playing, even up to large symphony orchestra, as well as a church organ to the club disco and all other types of music making.

The third manual provides advantages and expands your creative freedom while allowing you to play as you will.

The SONIC OAX1000 would not be the superior instrument it is, without a superior technology: The newly developed WERSI OpenArt Xtended (OAX) combines valuable features of the traditional organ building with today's PC and multimedia world. The modern sound system provides more than 700 fascinating realistic sounds recorded in studio quality. Revel in a land of plentiful sounds and enjoy your music as you've never heard before. Other sounds, and even entirely new functions and features you can load anytime via a software update in your instrument. Because, with a WERSI organ you get an instrument that can constantly be kept "up-to-date" with the latest software developments.

The main features of the Wersi SONIC OAX1000 Digital Organ Pearl White include:

  • Wersi OpenArt Xtented (OAX)
  • Constant software updates
  • Three manuals
  • Upper and middle manual per 61-key
  • Lower manual 76 keys
  • 25-key full pedal
  • Pearl white finish
  • Realdrums
  • Real Drawbars
  • VB3 and new OX7-2 Drawbar Systems
  • Incredible sound layering possibilities - 16 sounds possible.
  • Digital Drum System
  • SFX sounds
  • Chrome Foot Pistons (programmable)
  • Manual Total Presets
  • Easy Preset System (all styles have 4 one touch play presets)
  • Sheet Music on display
  • Digital Mixer with full EQ parameters
  • VST host
  • 3 Year Warranty - valid until January 2019.

 There are many other possibilities of the Sonic OAX1000... it is an incredible instrument.