WERSI Legends 1



New for the Sonic / OAX instruments is the new 'Wave 1' software series. Programmed by the WERSI Direct artists, the new 'WERSI Legends 1' software is a collection of specially designed Total Presets from Ben Scott-Hyde. Ben sets the tone of the genuine WERSI artist superstars from gorgeous drawbars to ethereal Angel and Galaxy pad sounds fused together with the perfect volume balance for maximum enjoyment. 

Never again with the new WERSI Legends 1 software will you need to sit for hours experimenting to gain the typical Franz Lambert sound or WERSI string sound. They're here at your finger tips waiting to be unlocked. Of course the Total Presets are so versatile that you can use them for many, many different song choices beyond their original design and really bring the typical WERSI legend sound to all of your music!