WERSI Direct Ltd have a WERSI ABACUS KS-1 for sale.

The Abacus is the ideal home organ from WERSI. Including a colour touch screen for easy navigation, it includes the latest OpenArt-System operating software. It features 1 x 5 Octave Keyboard and a detachable 76 note lower keyboard. Additionally, it includes a 17 note pedal board and a volume pedal with programmable left and right kick switches.

Specification Highlights:

  • OAS 7.47 (latest)
  • OX7 Drawbars (120 Drawbar Sounds)
  • OAS Drawbars
  • 950 Longwave Sounds
  • Realdrums
  • Expansion Packs (World of organs etc)
  • 350 Factory Styles
  • Sound Editor
  • Drumset Editor
  • Drawbar Editors
  • 3 Sounds for the Upper and 2 Sounds for the left hand (expandable to 4 sounds for the upper and three sounds for the lower with Selector Plus). 
  • MIDI In / Out / Thru x 2
  • Easy Preset
  • 2000 User Total Presets