Roland Atelier AT500



Roland AT 500 - in superb condition. Beautiful dark wood finish. 
Touch screen display, real drawbars... hundreds of sounds, great rhythms too. 
Inbuilt speaker system. 
The organ separates into two and fits into a large car / estate car. 
Pickup preferred, or delivery can be arranged and fuel costs would expect to be covered too. 


The new AT-500 stands at the head of its price class with a luxurious WVGA touch-screen display, an expanded dual-manual keyboard (49+64) and pedalboard, a 100w stereo speaker system, an infrared D Beam controller, RGB video output, dual USB ports, and much more. With 250 voices, 195 built-in rhythms, 300 Music Assistant titles and 150 Quick Registrations onboard, the AT-500 delivers top-level performance and flexibility.

  • Superb organ sounds and orchestral voices
  • Easy-to-use rhythm function
  • High-quality built-in stereo speaker system
  •  Harmonic bars for enhanced organ sound and performance
  • Waterfall-style lower keyboard
  • Multi-function USB port can be used for optional memory key (M-UF1G), floppy drive (FD-01A), or CD drive (CD-01A) (play along with VIMA TUNES songs or audio CDs)