Orchestral Symphonic Dreams 1 - For Sonic / OAX



New for the Sonic / OAX instruments is the new 'Wave 1' software series. Programmed by the WERSI Direct artists, the new 'Orchestral Symphonic Dreams 1' software is a collection of specially designed Total Presets from Robert New. 

Using the exciting functions and music making power of the new OAX system, for the first time ever for customers, we can present large TUTTI Orchestral Total Presets to you. We pushed the boundaries with the OpenArt-System in the past few years, but the new Sonic and OAX organs taken the ability to create AMAZING new orchestral Total Presets to a whole new level. 

Utilising the fantastic new sound library, split functions, expression pedal functions and cross fade, WERSI Direct have produced the worlds most advanced and realistic orchestral software to date. We stand by this outrageous claim because we believe in the high quality sounds of these incredible new organs from WERSI. 

The Symphonic String presets made by WERSI Direct are the best in the world. The mixture of soloists, ensembles, woodwind, brass and vocals are just too good to describe. You'll be blown away. Whether you play classical, ballads, love songs, standards or improvisation, these specially designed Total Presets will make you sound divine. 

30 Total Presets.