Louvre GS1000 (Used) Pearl White



We have a WERSI Louvre GS1000 in stock that was made 18 months ago and available to buy now. It has a further two years left on it's warranty too, so is as good as buying a brand new instrument. 

This Louvre has a full set of 25 note pedals (silver finish), lighting system, many activations and the entire WERSI Direct Ltd software library, including many new sounds etc. 

 Activations include: 

James Last Edition

Franz Lambert Edition


World of Synths

Theatre Organs etc


The all new WERSI Louvre GS1000 is available in a luxury Pearl White paint lacquer finish. It is not only the WERSI flagship instrument, but also the most versatile electronic instrument in the world. Bar none. With three manuals keyboards, a large TFT touch screen display, lighting system and not to mention the OpenArt-System software, huge sound library, arranger section, digital mixer and recording facilities as well as VST integration. 

Sound: Over 950 sounds are standard with the WERSI Louvre. Beautiful string orchestras, soloists, synths, grand pianos, electric pianos, organ sounds and a whole load more mean that the Louvre is totally sound loaded!

Styles: Hundreds of styles makeup the cool and uber-musical accompaniment style section. From 8-beats to Swing, Slow Rock to Dance and everything in between (Latin, Pop, Rock, Ballad, BigBand etc), everything is catered for! The Louvre is also Yamaha Style compatible and features the OpenArt-Arranger as standard!

Realdrums: The WERSI innovation ‘Realdrum’ accompaniments are standard with the new Louvre. No pre-programmed rhythm patterns, just pure studio drum recordings of some of the best European and US drummers... you’ll be amazed by the quality!

Total Presets: The Louvre allows the user to store 2000 of their own registration Total Presets! Of course if you require more than 2000 registrations, WERSI will customize your Louvre to store up to 10,000 registrations. Naturally you can backup registrations to the harddisk, CD/DVD or USB!

Real Drawbars: The Louvre features the acclaimed OX7 Drawbars as well as the new OAS drawbars (Pegasus Wing Drawbars) as well as optional B4 drawbars from Native Instruments. There are 9 Drawbars for the Upper manual and 7 Drawbars for the Lower manual. Over 120 Drawbar Presets are included as standard as well as two comprehensive Drawbar editors.

Volume Drawbars: Playing on the fly for the perfect performance can often be difficult without the right controls! WERSI offers real Volume Drawbars to instantly set the perfect mix for all sounds and accompaniment! 

10” TFT Touch Screen: The amazing display of the Louvre is large, easy to navigate and exceptionally vivid colour and clarity.

USB, DVD & Hard Disk: The Verona feature 4 x USB connection ports, CD/DVD burner and an 80GB internal Hard Disk. Storage of your performances, User or New Styles / Realdrums, Registration Presets is a breeze. Complete Backups of the entire Louvre are also standard for total peace of mind at all times.

Audio Hard Disk Recording: Naturally the Louvre offers full ‘easy’ audio & MIDI recording to capture your perfect performance! Of course you can also load Wav and MP3 sequences / recordings for full playback too... multi-tracking has never been so easy! Also, an 8 track multi-record digital recording studio is available as an optional extra.

Burn Your Own CD!: Once you have recorded your performance, of course you’ll want to produce your own CD to share with your friends, sell at your gigs or even send to a record label... Louvre says ‘Hell YES!’

Perfect Settings: 4 sounds for the Upper manual, 1 sound for the Solo manual, 3 sounds for the Lower manual and 2 sound for the pedal board can be mixed / used at any time. Naturally each sound selector has a range of unique settings that can be changed for each sound.

Easy & Advanced Edit: The Louvre offers easy editors for all parts of the instrument... naturally for the advanced player, comprehensive and professional controls / editors lie under the easy edit mode. A dream scenario!

Digital Effects: The Louvre offers the full WERSI OAS studio effects module... 2 x independent Reverb generators for the keyboards, drums and accompaniments work in harmony with a full studio reverb, studio chorus and studio delay. Over 30 additional effects ranging from wha-wha, distortion, stereo delays, virtual amp simulators, filters, phasers and compressors are built into the factory sounds and can be controlled with the unique Sound Control feature of the Verona.

Futureproof!: The OpenArt-System is the unique operating system from WERSI that allows you to continually update and expand your Louvre with new sounds, styles and functions via software updates.

Dynamic Keyboards: The Louvre offers three high quality semi-weighted keyboards for a luxury playing experience. All keyboards are dynamic / touch sensitive. The keyboards can have their dynamic curves adjusted to suite the players playing style. The Upper manual is also responsive to Aftertouch.

Activations: Expand your Louvre with more sounds, styles registrations, new modules, new software, new functions and more using the built in activation expansions... add more when your budget allows! More will be developed too.