Klaus and the Helios - For Sonic / OAX



New for the Sonic / OAX instruments is the new 'Wave 1' software series. Programmed by the WERSI Direct artists, the new 'Klaus and the Helios' software is a collection of specially designed Total Presets from WERSI star organist Brett Wales. 


The WERSI Helios is perhaps the most famous WERSI organ to have graced records of Klaus Wunderlich. The sound that is loved by millions and millions from across the world. The new Sonic and OAX range feature the entire WERSI Direct Helios sound samples that we recorded here in the UK. Brett Wales and Ben Scott-Hyde painstakingly manually recreated the famous sounds from Klaus Wunderlich records and then sampled the analogue imperfections at the same time to create the worlds most faithful reproduction of the WERSI Helios. Unlike on the OpenArt-System, where we could provide the sounds, but not the Total Presets easily, now in the WERSI Sonic, because the sounds are new factory sounds, we can at least bring you the professionally and lovingly designed Total Presets from Brett Wales. 

The Helios is back in the 21st century for you to enjoy on your OAX organs...

20 Total Presets.