HAUPTWERK (Milan Digital Audio) Hauptwerk - Basic Virtual Pipe Organ for OAX



HAUPTWERK (Milan Digital Audio) Hauptwerk - Basic (Standard) Virtual Pipe Organ

Behind the console of your WERSI OAX instrument there is a highly specialised computer that can run highly advanced software such as the HAUPTWERK Advanced Virtual Pipe Organ. This software has been developed to reproduce a "living" pipe organ on any computer (PC / MAC / WERSI ORGANS & KEYBOARDS), thus giving the organists the opportunity to play the most life like and famous organs in the world either in their own homes, studio or live in concert. No other instrument other than WERSI provides this internal integration seamlessly in one instrument.

With this masterpiece of software design, it is possible to map a real organ in the computer so that there is no longer any difference to listening to a recording in the real organ space.

Thanks to this innovation, you can access an extensive and 'lovingly' recorded sample libraries of useful organs. This is a unique opportunity for both organists and new players to play in the studio or on the road. For the first time organs from almost various cities, towns and nations are available via HAUPTWERK. And we must stress that this in the most beautiful authentic sound quality.

Features: + Audio Output Mono / Stereo + 3 GB Maximum Memory + MIDI Output + WERSI, PC and Mac Compatible + VST / AU PlugIn Link + 32Bit / 64 Bit Support + USB Key Protected (USB Key Included) Software is excluded from the exchange !!!

Also requires the additional 'Organ Voicing Pack': Silberman, also available from WERSI'. HAUPTWERK VST is the 'infrastructure' software and the 'Organ Voicing Pack' is the sample library for playing on the keyboard manuals.