Atlantis SN3 - For Sonic / OAX



New for the Sonic / OAX instruments is the new 'Wave 1' software series. Programmed by the WERSI Direct artists, the new 'WERSI Legends 1' software is a collection of specially designed Total Presets from Robert New. 

The sound of the WERSI Atlantis is very special. It's a special organ for WERSI fans. Thanks to the brilliant sound library of the WERSI Sonic / OAX organ range, you too can enjoy the superb sounds of the WERSI Atlantis SN3. Experience the full drawbar spectrum of the Atlantis organ, or the special digital strings, the synth pads, the special solo sounds and much, much more! 

30 Total Presets bringing you the real sound of the Atlantis SN3...