Apollo GS200 (Used)



The WERSI Apollo GS200 features 1 x 5 Manual Organ. The Touch screen display is 10" and in superior TFT full colour. It is touch responsive for ease of play. 

It features the OpenArt-System sound library and 200 styles and Realdrums. Other features are Real Drawbars, a CD/DVD drive, USB port and the facility to use 4 sounds on the Upper Manual and 3 Sounds on the Lower Manual. 

The Apollo also features One Touch Settings and can play Tyros Styles without any need for conversion. 

The Lower Manual can be split too. There is an English manual, music rest and height adjustable stool included. 

The Apollo also features a surround sound speaker design. This includes two tweeters in the top of the cabinet, two speaks (one on either side of the organ) and speakers in the traditional speaker box area of the organ. 

Please call WERSI DIRECT LTD on 0800 084 2013 or email info@wersidirect.com to discuss this great homely, compact instrument.


Additional Pictures of actual organ: