Wersi Direct Ltd came into existence in 2010 after the demand for a high quality UK company to deal with the sales, import and software development of the Wersi OpenArt-System range of instruments from Germany, Europe.

Joint directors Robert New and Ben Scott-Hyde formulated the concept of a high end retailer for UK customers and made this concept a reality in September 2010. Over the past two years they have built up the Wersi brand along with their respected colleague Brett Wales (who has unparalleled Wersi knowledge). The Wersi Direct Ltd core values are:

  • World class customer service and aftercare.
  • The development of sales of the Wersi instrument and software line to a UK customer base.
  • To provide the best online shopping experience for new and existing customers the world over.
  • The continued development of software for Wersi instruments and enhancement of the OpenArt-System in line with Wersi Germany / Musicstore.
  • The UK's fairest engineer / upgrade / repair service that is transparent in cost (both parts and labour).
Wersi Direct Ltd have also established the successful 'Oktoberfest' annual music festival. This supports customers, musicians and music fans alike as well as providing an international audience the opportunity to see some of the best artists in the world at a Wersi instrument.