WERSI OAX / SONIC Software Update - Patch

WERSI have released a software patch for all OAX instruments. It addresses the following issues: 

1. Latency issues resolved

2. Large Sample Loading of sounds more than 300MB each up to 1GB (Instantly loads with no delay)

3. Audio Dropout - resolved. 

Download the patch here


To Install the patch: 

1. Download the file. 

2. Move it to the root of a USB memory stick

3. Insert the USB memory stick into your Sonic. 

4. Go to the 'Settings' page on your Sonic / Pergamon instrument. 

5. In the bottom left corner, click on the button called 'Update Software'

The OAX operating system will close. The WersiInstaller.exe file will automatically load (provided you've copied it correctly to the root of your USB stick). 

6. Follow the instructions on display (choose the language as English), then press Next. 

The installer will 'install' and you can restart your Sonic software by double clicking on the software on the desktop. 

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