Organ1st Radio - September show now on line

Alan Ashton, presenter of the organ 1st radio program presents the September show and plays a track from Oktoberfest headliner Franz Lambert - Alan also talks about the festival and his own contribution to the weekend.  You can find this months show (as well as back dated shows) here;   

Klaus Wunderlich 'at' Oktoberfest 2013!

Our friend and Organ1st Radio show presenter, Alan Ashton, will be showcasing his Video presentation on the career of Klaus Wunderlich at the Wersi Direct Festival this October at the Huntingdon Marriott. This video presentation, called 'Klaus Wunderlich -- The Pied Piper of the Organ' charts the rise of the German megastar from his early days on the Hammond organ through to his gold record achieving LPs on the Wersi.  We are very excited that Alan has kindly agreed to show this very special ... feature WERSI Scala GS700 on their website!

The prolific organ and keyboard CD and DVD retailer  have featured the luxury High Polish black WERSI Scala GS700 on their newly designed website.  We'd like to let visitors of WERSI Direct Ltd know that is the UK's premier CD and DVD retailer for all things keyboards, organs and WERSI artists!  Featuring the acclaimed WERSI Artistes: Brett Wales, Claudia Hirschfeld, Robert Bartha, Franz Lambert, Ben Scott-Hyde and of course Klaus Wunderlich.  ...