Oktoberfest 9 weeks away!

Life here is Wersi Direct is starting to get a little bit exciting..... our biggest event of the entire calendar is nearly upon us. At the time of publication of this blog post, there are just 9 weeks to go until the Oktoberfest begins. How Exciting! 

But, what happens in those 9 weeks? 

Well, as we speak our office team are busy processing all the final payment balances of those lucky guests who managed to book their place before the sell out announcement back in March. 

The Free brochure programme handed out in all Gold Welcome packs is being finalised and sent off to the printers to be printed. 

The final programme of event timings has already been decided and flights for artists are confirmed and booked. 

The logistical part of the festival starts in 8 weeks time.

We've new signage that will be used around the hotel thats being printed as we speak, and Ben, Brett & Claire are off to the hotel in 4 weeks time to finalise the menu and final details with the hotel team. 

Charlie will be making his way to our Bracknell store room at the start of October to program his lighting desk - 60% of the lighting rig was bought out of storage for the Summerfest in August, but this time the full rig will be erected and programmed to Charlie's specifications. 

As mentioned in the Wersi Direct Podcast Show August Edition, Ben has published all timings for the full 2 weeks either side of festival to the whole team - everything really is organised down to the last minute and task to ensure that the weekend runs as smoothly as possible. 

Ben & Brett will be meeting up again for further rehearsals for their popular welcome show, and the Wersi Movie has been filmed and completed in the editing studio. 

So..... its all coming together. 

We look forward to seeing many of you in October in 9 weeks time......


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