New Live! Sweet! Cool! Sound Software for the OpenArt-System!

We're proud to announce our new software title: 

Cool! Sweet! & Live! for OAS 7! 

36 new innovative Easy Play Instant Setups for your WERSI OAS instrument! For Verona, Vegas, Abacucs, Xenios, Ikarus, Scala, Louvre, Giga Piano and EX-1 Expander!
Do you love the sound of a solo instrument, but find it difficult to master a playing technique? You don't need to worry any longer! We've designed a new software that makes you sound fabulous straight out of the box! 
Featuring 36 Instant Setups - expertly setup by professional musicians just for you! 

  • Alto Flute LIVE!
  • Alto Sax LIVE!
  • Alto Sax Section COOL!
  • Basoon Section SWEET!
  • Cello + Violin SWEET!
  • Clarinet SWEET!
  • Classical String Ensemble COOL!
  • Classical String LIVE!
  • Contra Strings Arc Cool!
  • Contra Strings Big Cool!
  • Contra Strings PIZZ COOL!
  • Dramatic Strings LIVE!
  • Glen Miller Ensemble 1 SWEET!
  • Glen Miller Ensemble 2 SWEET!
  • Hard Strings LIVE!
  • Jazz Flute LIVE!
  • Mixed Sax Section COOL!
  • Natural Piano + Strings LIVE!
  • Natural Piano COOL!
  • Natural Piano LIVE!
  • Orchestral Oboe + Reed COOL!
  • Orchestral Oboe Air COOL!
  • Rich Strings LIVE!
  • Solo Violin 1 SWEET!
  • Solo Violin 2 SWEET!
  • Soprano Sax Dream SWEET!
  • Soprano Sax Section SWEET
  • String Ensemble COOL!
  • Tenor Sax SWEET!
  • Trem DEEP Strings LIVE!
  • Vibraphone Soft LIVE!
  • Virbraphone Warm LIVE!
  • Vintage E-Piano Bell COOL!
  • Vintage E-Piano COOL!
  • Vintage E-Piano Pad COOL!
  • Vintage Piano + Strings LIVE!

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