Great News! New 'Friends of WERSI' support for Everyone!

Dear WERSI customers, 

We're pleased to announce the 'Friends of WERSI' customer support package. It has not gone unnoticed that more people are starting to play WERSI products and are buying Pegasus Wing, Abacus, Verona, Scala, Louvre etc from sources such as eBay, the used / second hand market and non WERSI affiliated music shops in the UK.

We recongise that you'd like the full support that we provide to customers who purchase their instruments direct from us. Regrettably, we can't offer this to people who purchased instruments from elsewhere. However, because we recongise that there is a lot that we can offer you, a WERSI player, we've launched our 'Friends of WERSI' scheme. 


This includes options for: 

  • Written Easy Tutorials - personalised for you with 10 easy step guide style. 
  • Personalised Video Tutorial (DVD) or MOV video posted to a private YouTube channel
  • 5 Hours of personal One on One Tuition. (At home or at our showroom).
  • Free to download Manuals and latest OAS software operating system. 

Call 0800 084 2013 to discuss your needs and to book an appointment / date! 

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