Klaus Wunderlich Style Demo Now Online!

As we approach the release of Klaus Wunderlich Edition... have a listen to some of the expertly created Styles for this new software expansion! 

The demo features snippets from the new Edition. Please note that this is a demo of the new Styles and not the Registrations... we wanted to bring you a sneak peak of the styles!


 Recorded using 'Easy Record' on OAS 7, WERSI Abacus KS-1

Information: Drums programmed using the Drumsets 1 (Studio Drums) utilisng the Multi Sample Drum Kits. Note the 'changing between samples on Hi Hats and Snare drums, much like a real drum for a more 'life' like and 'Live' feel. 


NEWS JUST IN! 15/08/2013! 

Because we value your custom and loyalty to WERSI DIRECT LTD, for all customers who have already purchased the Klaus Wunderlich 'Keys For Lovers' Edition... We've increased the amount of new Sounds from 10 to 21! That's over 100% inclusive of the price! 

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