Pegasus Wing Lower Manual (Upgrade for existing owners)...

Pegasus Wing owners (both first generation and V2 owners) can now upgrade their Pegasus Wing keyboards to the new Pegasus Wing Duo Pro! At £999.00, it's a great price to upgrade your existing Pegasus Wing to a dual manual organ!

The new add on manual is a 76 note keyboard that connects direct to the Pegasus Wing keyboard. Please note that 1st Generation Pegasus Wings require a small alteration on the pedal board control board inside of the instrument and must be done by a WERSI Direct Ltd engineer. 

On all V2 models, the modification is already standard from factory! 

Keyboard Stand for Pegasus Wing Duo Pro.

We also supply the official WERSI Pegasus Wing Duo Pro stand. Please note this is not the Quiklok stand that can be found on under the title 'Quiklok Monolith M91' as many people seem to believe (that model is much smaller in terms of both height and width than the WERSI supplied stand and also is without the Lower Manual arms required to hold the Pegasus Wing Duo Pro Lower Manual). It is also not wide enough to house a pedal board and swell pedal in the correct place. 

The new stand is in fact a newly revised version of the Abacus Duo Pro keyboard stand exclusively supplied from Quiklok to WERSI and includes the two detachable arms to house the Lower Manual. Please note that this stand is not available on the common market and is only available direct from WERSI. 

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