News - Open day Success and 2 new instruments added to the WERSI product line!

We're pleased to announce that the Open day and BBQ on Sunday the 28th was a resounding success! It was fantastic as always to see so many existing customers and to also welcome new customers into the WERSI world!. 

We were able to exhibit the new Pegasus Wing Duo Pro portable organ to all who attended. Of course on display was the entire WERSI product line. 

We've added a new page today for the new PEGASUS WING DUO PRO to the website and online shop! Contact us today for more information and details! The new Pegasus Wing Duo Pro features the latest sounds, styles and software as well as easy play features. Additionally the new portable organ offers the best of both worlds - Use as a beautiful arranger keyboard or as a two manual organ with pedals! 

The new Pegasus Duo Pro

WERSI SONIC (Pro-Order only at this time)

After traveling to WERSI head quarters in Germany two weeks ago, we've decided to add the information to the website about this new instrument. We're excited about it and hope to import the instrument either later this year or early 2014 once the first production model is announced. 

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