New WERSI Sonic OAX Software Announcement


A new software for Sonic V1.10 will be released next week and contains new functions and more. 

1. Sheet Music on display, with more than 50 titles included and the ability to load your own as .png or .jpg files. 
2. A new audio CD-Player function
3. Audio recorder (Easy record)
4. New Input and Output Mixer design
5. Software adjustments for the new OAX500 model. 
6. Professional Manual Controls
7. Profi Accompaniment Controls (Only the EASY Controls were previously unlocked) With the new professional ACC Controls you can operate more functions than about the EASY ACC Controls. This includes:
- freely adjustable range of chord recognition independent of the selectors on Upper, lower manual or pedal
- Curves for expression pedal on Accompaniment, Drums, Realdrums and Multimedia o And more
8. New Vocal sounds (Aah Vocal 1, Aah Vocal 2, Aah Vocal Mixed 1, Aah Vocal Mixed 2, Aah Vocal Mono)
9. Gradual introduction of the function STS -> Sound to Style. Four presets are stored with every style that can get to the control panel buttons SOUND TO STYLES 1 to 4. For each Style button the styles of the first mapping are ready now. The other mappings come with the next software.
10. Setting the footswitch functions
- The foot switch can be configured with many different functions o saving possible in own footswitch presets
- Direct storage in a Total Preset possible
11. Adjusting the effects Reverb1, Reverb2, Chorus and Echo
- Now you can set the effects quickly with the three panel buttons Reverbs, Delay and Chorus and save that in a Total Preset.
- If you want to program your own effect programs, you can use the Effect programming in Profi Mode.
12. Adjustments to the new MICROSOFT operating system WINDOWS 10

Feature enhancements from the previous version:
Total presets can be selectetd via a number field
o Includes preset delete, change preset name, change bank name o Import and Export Total Presets
MIDI-Player activated
Audio-player activated
Accompaniment list in PROFI Mode can be selected
Own Styles, MIDI sequences and audio tracks can be imported
Soundlist in the PROFI Mode can be selected
Play MIDI sequences and audio files directly from a USB stick
Extended system languages with French
The church organ plugin HAUPTWERK can be used. For more information on pricing, contact WERSI Direct. 
Advanced Styles: Kölle am Dom Ballad, Viva Flamenco
There is a complete new style editor.
LM Hold function activated
The active selector is now highlighted more clearly.
The software history can be called up under Settings on page 2 with the Icon SofwareHistory.

Style „Happy Schlager“ working again
Style „Samba Brasil +“ adjusted sound assignment
Some revised Total Presets
Internal adjustments


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