Exclusive Pre-Order! Klaus Wunderlich

Dear WERSI Friends, 

We're pleased to announce the Pre-Order of the new Klaus Wunderlich Sound Collection. In January, we told you about the expansion of the WERSI Direct Ltd Development team and product output... this is because for many years there was no development in the UK and customers had to rely solely on what came from Europe. We've worked hard to incorporate all of your requests into our development plan (which has over 10 more titles being developed for 2013 alone!)... but the good news is, is that our first two Sound Collections are now being produced and are in the works. 

We couldn't wait to tell you about it and now we can exclusively reveal that the first Sound Collection is in fact dedicated to the late and great Klaus Wunderlich! Before Klaus passed away, he made a fabulous CD on his WERSI Spectra CD700 organ. We've had a focus on the WERSI Spectra this May Bank Holiday (See our latest Podcast here:), so it's only fitting to tell you about this new exciting software expansion. 

We've never created software that is as sophisticated as this before. It includes new Longwave Sound Samples, Styles, Presets, MP3 and Video DVD Instructions. 

So, as we're very excited about the release in June, we're also presenting you with the chance to take advantage of an exclusive Pre-Order offer. You can purchase the new Klaus Wunderlich Sound Collection for just £60.00, instead of the retail price of £85.00, which is what it will sell for upon release! 

Take advantage of this offer today! Further more, because we're excited and proud to bring you this new product, we're also giving away a free software title of your choice too... this is exclusive to Pre-Orders only though. We anticipate a high demand for this title, so be first in line to receive it and take advantage of this very generous and exclusive offer now! 

Specifications / Highlights: 

  • For All OAS 7 Instruments! 
  • 10 New Longwave Sounds
  • 10 New Styles 
  • 40 Total Presets
  • 10 MP3 Demos
  • Video / DVD User Guide
  • Souvenir User Guide with history / making of this pack, a look at the recording 'Keys for Lovers' and of course Playing Tips and Techniques to replicate the genuine sound! 

Pre-Order it here: 


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