WERSI News May 2013

Dear WERSI friends,

The Bank Holiday has just passed and we wanted you to know what's new and what's in the pipeline! 

WERSI Open Day! 28.07.2013

The WERSI Direct Ltd Showroom will be open all day... come along and see our latest software, in house demos and instrument range! We're also launching something very special... a top secret new product at this day. Don't miss out. If you own a WERSI, are just a fan of the sound, or even just fancy a musical day out... come along. WERSI DIRECT LTD, Unit W, Rose Business Estate, Marlow Bottom, SL7 3ND. (Just off of the M4 from the south east and south west & M40 from the north / midlands)

New Software & Catalogue

We recently publish our E-Software Catalogue. It covers our new 2013 software range, which is developing at a phenomenal rate thanks to the expanded development team as well as the great feedback provided by customers. 

Our new titles include: 

Great Organs - A new software that provides users with 20 Total Presets. These registrations use the WERSI Sacral Sound pack. Expert Church / Chappel & Cathedral organ sounds are created. Remember that only WERSI OAS can provide these sounds as they have been sampled from real pipe organs across the world. A steal at £24.99! Buy it here:

Real Saxophones - A new software that is entirely developed for the sound of the Saxaphone. Whether you loved the sound of dreamy 80's sax ballads, big band saxes, bostic dance baritone saxes, silky soprano saxes or sexy tenor saxes, this registration pack has it covered. There are 20 Total Presets in total, using Sax Samples and sounds that you possibly didn't even know existed within your instrument! A steal at £24.99! Buy it here: 

Style Edition 1 - The new Style Edition line is alive and well! We've promised it for more than 6 months and we're proud that it has now been released! The new Style Edition 1 brings 20 new Styles in modern sound and format to your instrument. It is available for both Pegasus Wing and OAS 7 instruments (with OpenArt-Arranger & Studio Drums). A Video Demonstration will be available soon! Buy it here:

Lady GaGa Edition (Deluxe) Requires OpenArt-Arranger, World of Synths and James Last Edition. This new software see's Lady GaGa's biggest hits brought to life within the OpenArt-System! The Deluxe Edition combines dance synths and wonderful sounds from the World of Synths pack and James Last Edition with standard factory sounds for perhaps the most fun software that we've ever created! 10 new Styles, Over 50 Total Presets covering 10 iconic hits for Lady G! If you love the sound of disco and dance, this is definitely for you! Reinterpreted through synths and orchestral sounds. A steal at £49.00!  Buy it here:

Lady GaGa Edition (Standard) (No additional activations or software required). This new software uses the incredible OAS 7 sound library to reproduce Lady GaGa's biggest hits. Also, documentation advises of the Styles to use that already exist in your instrument. Additionally, the Styles have information on editing them for the best sound! A steal at £39.99! Buy it here: 

Lady GaGa Edition (For Pegasus Wing) (No additional activations or software required). This new software uses the incredible OAS sound library to reproduce Lady GaGa's biggest hits as mentioned above, but for Pegasus Wing. Pegasus Wing Edition also means that the Total Presets already have the Styles and Tempos etc saved to them, ready for instant recall! £49.00 Buy it here:

UPDATE: Free update for OAS 7 customers who purchased the Elton John Edition software in the last month. The new update features improved sounds, settings and tweaking for maximum playing pleasure! Look out for your email with the attached software update if you have already purchased the Elton John Edition!

Something New...

We've had customers asking us about our promotional activities and discounts. Some customers miss out on our discounts because they are unable to attend our open days or sometimes do not read their emails on a regular basis. Starting from this week, we'll be sending a weekly email with an 'offer of the week'. This will include a discounted software title each week, or promotional saving. 

Look out for the email! 

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