American Soundscape... Collection

 Dear WERSI fans, 

Our software is coming thick and fast! We've had our fingers in many pies for the last few months and we're pleased to finally be able to present the fruits of our labour to you at last. 

This week we have been able to launch our new Great American Soundscape series. 

There are currently three volumes available. 

Volume.1 - 20 Total Presets of famous American musicians, evergreens and more!

Volume.2 - 20 Total Presets of famous US film and TV themes as well as additional Musical Theatre and Broadway hits.

Volume.3 - 50 Total Presets and 10 Styles. This is homage to the fantastic American Country duo 'The Judd's. Their songs have touched millions of Americans over the past 30 years.

You can buy the Judds greatest hits CD HERE 

Check out the software titles HERE 

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