WERSI Direct Ltd attend Small Business reception, hosted by Lord Mayor

The WERSI Direct Ltd team had the honour of attending the UK Small Business awards hosted by Lord Mayor, Frank Jonas. 

"I know I speak for myself, Ben, Brett (directors) and staff of WERSI Direct Ltd when I say that we all feel honoured to have been invited to this event. To know that WERSI is having an impact on the UK economy, even in a small way of course is also something that we're very proud of. It's taken us two and a half years to get to where we are and of course we are excited about expanding the WERSI brand and growing the company.

Already, we have established a separate WERSI enterprise 'WERSI Festivals Ltd' which takes care of our successful Oktoberfest festival. Under this, we are now able to rightfully claim that we run the biggest and most successful WERSI festival in the world, with guests attending from both Europe and the USA. 

WERSI Direct Ltd is also gaining a reputation as being one of the best software developers for Arranger keyboards, digital pianos and organs too. We couldn't be more pleased, and at this time I must pay tribute to the colossal amount of work that Ben, Brett and the engineers / others do both publicly and also behind the scenes". We're extremely pleased and look forward to an exciting 2013!"

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