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This is the first installation of our new regular newsletter. It's been a busy time over the festive period for WERSI Direct Ltd. We'd like to extend a big welcome to all of the new WERSI owners who have joined our fold in the past few months as well as advise you of our new products. 

WINDOWS 7 Upgrade
The new Windows 7 operating system is now available as an upgrade for WERSI OAS 7 instrument owners. This replaces the existing and now dated Windows XP operating system. Microsoft has also withdrawn support for Windows XP and no longer retails the XP software. 

What's included in the upgrade?
The new Windows 7 operating system software, naturally. New PC Components (Quad Core Processor, Motherboard, 4GB of RAM, 160GB SSD, USB Hub to replace existing floppy disc drives, New 10.4" TFT Touch Screen - please note that if you have recently had a new upgrade or have items such as the USB hub or the new TFT touch screen, then you will not require them and a lower price is available for customers with existing hardware). 

How much will it cost?
There are three price tiers. Please note that you can download our Microsoft Excel 'Windows 7 Upgrade' cost calculator. This allows you to input your instrument type and come out with the fixed cost. Download it here. 

Basically, the prices are:
Tier 1: Customers who have purchased instruments within the past 18 months: The new TFT Screen and USB hub isn't required. 
Tier 2: Customers who have had their instruments upgraded by WERSI Direct Ltd in the past 24 months: New Motherboards and 4GB of RAM are not required, making the price slightly cheaper. Again, you may require the new TFT Screen and USB hub. 
Tier 3: Customers who have not had their instruments upgraded by WERSI Direct Ltd, are not Tier 1 customers or have not upgraded their instruments hardware since OAS 7 was installed. You will require the entire upgrade package unless their are exceptional circumstances to be agreed by WERSI Direct Ltd. 

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