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Great news comes in all different forms, but for WERSI OAS owners, this is perhaps the greatest news ever. 

The details of the new upgrade is as follows... WERSI OAS Verona and Scala customers will be able to upgrade their instruments to OAX. 

What does the upgrade include? 

The upgrade includes all new metal work, new internal circuit boards, all new PC parts, new operating system and of course OAX. all OAS parts are replaced.  

  • All new metal panels to match your instrument. 
  • New circuit boards and brushed silver buttons. 
  • New preset buttons for between the manuals. 
  • New musical hardware parts. 
  • New lighting system & new glass music rest with LED technology.
  • New PC parts and drives (USB / Blu-Ray / Solid State Disk)
  • New 11.6 inch TFT touch display with 16:9 movie resolution. 
  • New OAX Operating Software.
  • English Tutorial DVD. (WERSI Direct Exclusive).
  • English User Manual (WERSI Direct Exclusive).
  • 3 Year Warranty.

How much will the upgrade cost?

The upgrade is substantially cheaper than purchasing a new OAX instrument. 

Verona to Sonic OAX500 = £5,999.00 (Including pickup, transport to German factory and delivery back to you). 

Scala to Sonic OAX700 = £6,699.00 (Including pickup, transport to German factory and delivery back to you). 

Can the upgrade be done at my home?

At this time, the upgrade will be carried out at our German factory. If you purchase the upgrade, the pricing includes the WERSI Direct technicians coming to collect your instrument, where it will be driven to the factory in Germany and returned to you shortly after. 

Currently, we plan to take 4-5 organs at a time to the factory to be upgraded and will be running a fortnightly program of upgrades. 

We must stress that we are anticipating a high demand for the upgrade service and all orders will be on a first come first serve basis, so please do not delay in placing your order for the OAS to OAX upgrade. 

PLEASE CALL US ON 0800 084 2013 to discuss your upgrade ASAP and to secure your order.

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