WERSI Summer Software Series

The Summer Software Series for £99 has now finished, but you can still buy the individual titles.

James Last Orchestra (Standard & Deluxe Editions) - for OAS 7 & Sonic. £49.99

The ultimate collection of James Last Total Presets... professionally designed for you. Incredible sound, incredible expression, effects and settings crafted for the most amazing playing experience. 

James Last Orchestra Standard Edition information:


James Last Orchestra Deluxe Edition information: 



Piano Collection £24.99

20 Total Presets of stunning Pianos. An all new collection of beautifully crafted Piano sounds, from Grand Pianos to upright blues Pianos. A must of anyone who loves the sound of a Piano. 


Golden Brass Band £44.99

Using some of the most incredible brass sounds in a keyboard / organ, we've programmed the sound of an exciting Golden Brass Orchestra band. Using the special advanced selectors and settings, we've set the most expressive brass collection to exist. It's exciting and so musical. Hear the sound of brass like never before!


Best of CD-Line Drawbars £69.99

A collection of sampled Drawbar sounds from the WERSI Spectra. Jazz Organs, Franz Lambert Drawbar Sounds, Bright WERSI sinus sounds and more are included. Features all new sound samples (20 sounds).


Acoustic Guitar Collection £24.99

We've never produced a collection of Acoustic Guitars before, but it's one of the instruments that we love the most! The WERSI OAS instrument line features so many beautiful Acoustic sounds, we've now made a collection of 20 Total Presets using these fine sounds.  






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