Blackpool Theatre Organ Sounds - The Lost Theatre Organ Samples....

Back in 2003, WERSI ventured into the Blackpool Tower to be the first body to receive permission to sample the world famous Blackpool Tower Theatre Organ. 

The samples were recorded in the Theatre Organ Chamber and also in the Ballroom and recorded in Stereo. The raw samples were delivered to Halsenbach, where they sat unused for more than ten years. 

Upon archiving many old software projects from 2003, the WERSI Direct Ltd team found the original master disc containing the samples. 

We've now worked with the fabulous sounds to produce the REAL Blackpool Theatre Organ sample collection. 

We'll be launching the software shortly, and customers attending the Oktoberfest will be able to purchase the sounds direct, with general release following at the start of November.

So get ready for the genuine Blackpool experience for the very first time in your WERSI OAS 7 instrument, taken from the original sound samples, recorded by WERSI. 

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