Wersi Fusion Software for OAS 7

Update: 15th September, 2014.


The new Fusion software will be released very shortly. We would like to take the opportunity to tell you about some of the new incredible new features that will enhance your instrument.

New Sounds

the new sounds are truly beautiful. From Eastern flutes, Gregorian choirs,, lush string sections, soloist instruments, new drum kits and more.

Sound Highlights:

CD-Line DrumKits

CD-Line MegaDrums (with CD line real reverb)

California Acoustic Drum Kit (Multi-Sampled) with up to 7 dynamic sample layers

Gregorian Choir

African Choirs

Steinway Grand Piano (with up to 5 dynamic layers)

C7 Grand Piano

Real Steel Guitar

String Ensemble Real!

and many more!


Styles and Realdrums

new Styles and Realdrums for the OpenArt-System.... A large new selection of amazing accompaniments.


Sound Effects

New and useful SFX


Total Presets

There are 120 new registrations for your enjoyment.





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