OAS 7.47 Download it now.

Download the latest WERSI OAS 7.47 software here. 

There are three files to download.  (Please note, that these links were updated on 26th May 2014)

1. Installation Data 1 (Program+Data File) Download

2. Installation Data 2 (AddSounds File) Download

3. Installation Data 3 (WERSI Data File) Download


Please note that you need all three files. 

Please note that the files are 'zipped'. You need Winzip to unzip these files. 

Please either transfer the files to a USB file, or burn to a CD-ROM (three CD-Roms will be required, one for each file). If burning to a DVD, you'll only need one DVD. 


Loading Instructions: 

Please refer to the OAS 7 Programming Manual for full instructions on installing the new update. 

PLEASE NOTE: OpenArt-Arranger is required for OAS 7.47 activations  - for the three new Style Packs. We also recommend the Studio Drums activation for the Styles to play 100% accurately.  

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