OAS 7.47 - detailed information and more!

Robert Bartha Edition - Recommended!

116 New Sounds

102 Total Presets

300 Drum & Percussion Sounds


Price: £199.00 - Buy here


Schlager Styles

5 New Styles in the typical Schlager Style. (Saturday Dennie Christian, 2013 Dance remix, Roasanne-Ibiza Vengaboys etc)


Price: £59.00 - Buy here


MS Professional Styles

18 New Styles (Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance, Gri. Wein, Pop Ballade, Pop Ballade 1, Pop Dance (Realdrum), PopFunk, Rock JP 1, Rock JP, Rock Shuffle, Rock Shuffle 1, Standard 8 Beat, Standard 8 Beat 1, Straight Rock, Piano Ballad, Piano Boogie).


Price: £195.00 - Buy here


Modern Pop / Rock Styles - Recommended!

30 New Styles (6/8 British March, 70's ABBA Disco, 8 MegaBit Disco, 80's Look of Luv Disco, Brush Swing, Disco Glitter Wah, Elektro Love Beat, Elton Rock, Goodbye Bolero, Human League Pop, K-Bush Hill Beat, Lambada Party, Maroon Jagger Pop, New Waltz, Proud Mary 1, Proud Mary 2, Rock N Rolla, Samba Ball Party, Toni Braxton Ballad, Twist, 8 Beat Arabic Pop, 8 Beat Arp-Pop, 80's Ballad, Belinda Heaven Rock, Country Stomp, Gladiator Epic, Madonna Ballad, Rhianna World Dance, Speilberg March, Whigfield Party). 


Price: £99.00 - Buy here


Special OFFER! 

Buy All 4 new Activations together for £449, saving over £100! - Buy here


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