May News 2014

Dear WERSI friends, 

We're pleased to give you some updates in our May News Letter. 

The Spring period saw the WERSI Direct Ltd team traveling across the UK and Europe. It's an exciting time. We also were successful in bringing three new highly anticipated sound packs to market and the feed back has been great. Thank you for the positive messages and more. 

Things never stop at WERSI Direct. The development centre is always abuzz with new concepts, ideas and software as well as hardware. More on this later. 

Chris Powell Edition

The new Chris Powell Edition has been a real success, especially in the UK where the Theatre Organ has a large following. 28 new High Quality Longwave Sounds mean that you can really enjoy the sounds of Chris and his Theatre organs. 

An expanded version will be available later in 2014 that includes Total Presets too. Existing customers will be able to upgrade at a very small cost. 

Orchestral Colours Vol.1

This small Orchestral software has only been on the market for two weeks and the take-up has been great as well as the brilliant feedback. The sale success of this first volume and feedback has been so much so that we've 'green lighted' production of the second volume for later this year. 

P.S - a tip for the Hollywood String sounds - use Sound Control or the OAS Sound Editor to decrease the Release value for a shorter decay of the sound. The best of both worlds!

Best of Helios (KW Miller Moods and Latin Drawbars) 

The large dual sound pack collection of genuine WERSI Helios sounds is second to none. It capture the real analogue sound of the Helios as well as the analogue circuitry and amplifiers. Real sound characters taken from the Helios (with no additional audio signal processing) has been used to create these wonderful nostalgic sounds. These are great and available at a fraction of the official older activation packs. 

New WERSI Music Rests - Summer 2014. 

We wanted to share a sneak peak of some of our new hardware developments. We're working on a concept of a new luxury music rest that incorporates high quality perspex, matching paint finish for your WERSI instrument, LED lighting for reading of sheet music and a well designed music rest that will prevent music book pages from turning accidentally.


WERSI Louvre GS1000 with New 'Large' music rest option. 

Louvre GS1000 with 'Medium' Music Rest (Concept)

The WERSI Scala with 'Large' music rest (Concept). 

We'll bring you more news upon the production start date!


OAS 7.47 - Confirmed and released May 2014. (Expected May 18th)

The new software contains 3 x new Style Packs as well as an exciting new Sound and Total Preset Edition - The Robert Bartha Edition. Some of the new incredible sounds are taken from the New WERSI organ range launching later this year. 

WERSI Germany Fellsenkeller Trip a success! 

Our recent trip to Germany to see Franz Lambert was a great success. Some photos are shown below. 



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