New Orchestral Colours Sound Pack for OAS 7

We're excited to announce that our new Orchestral Sound Pack is now available. The sound pack features 18 new sounds, requested by customers. 

Whether you've wanted Rolling Timpani drums on your pedals, lush cinematic real string sounds or orchestral woodwind and majestic horns, this sound pack is beautiful in its simplicity. 

No less than 18 sounds make up the sound pack. A beautiful collection of Orchestral Stereo sound samples for your OpenArt-System instrument. Click here to purchase    

We've brought some of the most requested sounds to this first volume of Orchestral sounds... the colour of the sound spectrum.

Sounds include: 


  • Hollywood Strings
  • Cinematic Strings
  • Lush Strings
  • Orchestra+Classical Vocals

Orchestral Solo

  • Concert Flute
  • Orch. Woodwind 1
  • Orch. Woodwind 2
  • Orch. Oboe
  • Tibetan Panflute
Orchestral Percussion
  • Crescendo Timpani
  • Rolling Timpani + Orch. Cymbals
  • Orch. Snare Drum Rolls
  • Orchestral Harp

Orchestral Brass

  • Zimmer Horns 1
  • Zimmer Horns 2
  • Orchestral Horns
  • MovieArt-Brass

Includes English User Guide.

Click here to purchase


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