Pegasus Wing Tutorial / Tips - Splitting the Upper and Lower Manuals

If you have a Pegasus Wing Duo Pro, you'll be interested to know that with the latest software, the correct way to split your manuals is detailed below. 


To Split the Upper Manual:

1. Press the 'Upper Split' button on the main display. It will begin to flash. Now, choose the key on the Pegasus Wing keyboard to split the keyboard. If you have Selector Plus, you can choose to assign selectors 1,2,3 or 4 to either side of the split. Keep pressing the button below the Upper Split to cycle through the desired split allocations. 

To remove the split: 

1. To remove the split, simply press the 'Split Upper' and then press on the lowest note on the keyboard manual. The split will then be removed. 


To Split the Lower Manual:

1. Press the 'Lower Split' button on the Main Display. Now select a note below Middle C. B2 is the highest point that you can currently set the split. This allows you to split the Lower Manual like a traditional organ. You also have the facility to change the sound split allocation if you have Selector Plus. 

To remove the split:

1. To remove the Lower Split, simply press the 'Lower Split' button (it will flash). Then press on any note above Middle C. This will cancel the split mode. 

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