Pegasus Wing Duo Pro Customers - Important Update

For Pegasus Wing Duo Pro Customers

Some customers have reported that the left function of their OAS Volume pedal has become non-functional when the Lower Manual is added to their Pegasus wing Duo Pro. Reports have shown that in the Settings page, under the left footswitch function drop down menu, the title 'Text-block' has been shown. 

We've investigated this and are pleased to announce the solution. 

1. Load up your Pegasus Wing as normal.

2. Go to the Settings display and to the Footswitch function page. 

3. Now on the rear of your Pegasus Wing, disconnect the cable from the Lower Manual that connects to the 'Pedal' input. 

4. Now go back to the Settings display. Full functionality of the volume pedal will appear. Choose one of the options from the drop down list (break or intro / ending for example). 

5. Now reconnect the Lower Manual cable to the Pedal Input. You may hear a clicking noise as the Sound Board accepts the new configuration. 


That's all that you have to do. The functionality of both left and right programmable footswitches are now operating as normal. 

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