The WERSI Pergamon OAX1000 and Spring News update

We're excited to announce that WERSI have unveiled a new flagship: The WERSI Pergamon OAX1000. 

The new WERSI Pergamon features 3 x 76 note manuals, the new Sonic OAX software, 10 SFX buttons, more volume drawbars, more physical control push buttons, a new set of Percussion drawbars to compliment the Upper and Lower set of drawbars and all of the state of the art technology that you'd expect from the new WERSI Flagship instrument. 

To know more, why not contact WERSI Direct on 0800 084 2013 or email us at

WERSI unveiled the Pergamon organ in Germany, with Claudia Hirschfeld presenting the new organ to the public for the very first time. 


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