Chris Powell - New Theatre Organ Sound Pack for WERSI OAS

At last! It's arrived. In collaboration with Chris Powell, one of the worlds most respected Theatre Organ players and electronic organists we present the exclusive WERSI OAS 'Chris Powell Edition - Theatre Organ Sounds'.

The Sound Pack is complete with 28 new stereo Longwave Sounds, sampled from Chris Powells personal Theatre Organ signature sound in collaboration with the Theatre Organ maestro. 

Chris worked with the developers at WERSI Direct Ltd to produce this new software exclusively for WERSI Direct. New sounds made with Chris mean that you have the worlds only authentic Chris Powell Theatre Sound Library at your finger tips! His sound is a beautiful, lush sound that is true and brilliant. 

We're proud to introduce this new Edition to the world.

Priced exclusively at £69.99, save £30.00 off of the recommended Sound Pack Price of £99.99 by pre-ordering today with our special introductory offer! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TODAY!



    1. CP Lush Mix Mid
    2. CP Lush Mix Tibia
    3. CP Bass Pedal Mid
    4. CP Bass Pedal Soft
    5. CP Bass Pedal Full
    6. CP Coupler Full
    7. CP Coupler Soft
    8. CP Ensemble + Piano
    9. CP Ensemble 1
    10. CP Full Tibia Chorus
    11. CP Full Tibia Shimmer
    12. CP Left Hand FF
    13. CP LM Medium
    14. CP LM Soft
    15. CP Lush Theatre
    16. CP Novelty Theatre 1
    17. CP Novelty Theatre 2
    18. CP Percussion Effects
    19. CP Piano & Glock
    20. CP Piano & Xylophone
    21. CP Quint Ese Theatre
    22. CP Reed Chorus
    23. CP Soft Tibia
    24. CP Solo Trumpet
    25. CP Theatre Full Brass
    26. CP Theatre Strings Vox
    27. CP Tuba Bass
    28. CP Tuba

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