Facebook - To join or not to join? Why should I?

We use Facebook - a lot! 

But we appreciate that a lot of our customers are not on Facebook, or any form of social media. Many simply don't want to be a part of social media (for many different reasons) and we as a business understand and respect this. 

But, lets take a moment to explain why we use Facebook so much - and what the benefits are.  

Firstly, the biggest reason is the immediate interaction that we have with our customers. When we upload something on the website, the only form of interaction that we get back is either through an email or a phone call. This can be days or weeks after the post. With Facebook, the feedback or interaction is instant. 

Secondly, its the time and ease that Facebook has over the main website. To upload a news item or article (such as this) we must access the main website through a desktop computer or laptop. Whilst many of the websites functions can be controlled via a mobile or tablet, frustratingly this part can only be done through the main website. If we look at the time to log onto the computer, then log onto the main website mainframe, then type out the news item we are wanting to share, then upload a photo (which chances are has been taken on one of the iPhones so then has to be sent over to the computer) then you're looking at about 15 minutes to do the same thing. And thats not taking into consideration that we've got internet signal for the lap tops (although we can tether to the iPhone) 

Facebook, on the other hand is a little quicker. For instance, we can send out a photo with a news statement in around 10 seconds from the iPhones, no matter where we are.

We would recommend that as many of our customers consider joining up to the social media site so that you can truly immerse yourself in the world of Wersi Direct - both in its news but also in its day to day running, our journeys around the UK and behind the scenes activities. Believe us, its well worth it. 

Its worth remembering that you do not have to give any personal information away on Facebook if you don't want to. You don't have to upload a photo of yourself. You can set your privacy settings so that you don't even have to become "friends" with any one. You can simply "like" our page and thats it. Our posts will then appear on your timeline which you can see whenever you log in. Its as easy as that. 

Its also worth pointing out that whilst there are some "odd" people on Facebook, there is a huge sense of community and kinship across the electronic organ world and especially in the world of Wersi. 

There are customers of ours who have joined Facebook, followed our page and become our friends and then have become friends with fellow Wersi owners across the entire world. They exchange ideas, questions, registrations, help.... the list goes on. This wouldn't be possible without Facebook. 

We've been very lucky with the journeys and places that we have been to (both in the UK and in the world) and we've shared nearly every moment of our last 6 years on Facebook. 

So, whilst there are some downsides, the positives of Facebook far outweigh any negatives that there are. 

So, give it some thought. We promise that we will update this news section on our website more often than we have done in the past - but it will never be like our posts on Facebook. And we would hate for you to miss out. 

Ben, Rob, Brett & Claire. 



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