Platinum Drums - The new Virtual Drummer for OAS!

Virtual Drummer for OAS 7 Instruments!

In the summer of 2012, we started to work with a Virtual Drum VST developer to produce an exciting new upgrade of the Drums of your OAS instrument. We’d already started to develop and experiment with digital drum sample kits and traditional drum kits for OAS, but we felt that we’d like to produce something with the real live feel that many high end studios now produce via their VST (Virtual Studio Technology) products.

As our OAS 7 instruments are future proof and also have an integrated VST host, we decided that we’d explore the possibility of a software that would extend the OAS 7 drum and accompaniment system with ease and also with the possibility to just sound great!

We worked together with the developer who had produced an off the shelf version of his popular VST Drum software and then tweaked certain aspects so that it would work with the OpenArt-System.

The WERSI Direct Ltd team then worked on producing the integrated software product, including a free Style Set that all Platinum Drum customers receive with their software.

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Beautiful Quality

For the first time, real dynamic variations and nuances
of Hi hats, open hi hats, closed hi hats, drum over spill, punchy kicks and rattle snares are heard! This is just beauti- ful in terms of sound quality and what can be achieved.

Additionally, because the Virtual Drummer is a VST, it uses the high end stereo reverb system in the OpenArt-System that sounds incredible to the human ear. Detail is captured

and brought to the fore of your listening experience!

Exclusive Style Design

We’ve looked at the way that Styles are created too and with the modern styles of the OpenArt-Arranger or Tyros Styles, often a single drum track will contain not only the drum sounds of a traditional drum kit, but also all of the bells and whistles of percussion etc. We’ve taken a more holistic approach to our new Style Design library that will enhance your Style experience. We’ve designated the Virtual Drummer to a single Drum Track and then assigned all other percussion instruments to Drum Track 2. This also 

allows us to control the percussion group independently over the Drum Volume Drawbar slider control.

DVD Tutorial and Installation!

For the first time, we’ve produced a DVD showing you ex- actly how to install the Platinum Drums Virtual Drummer!

You do not need to be a PC expert or a tech geek to carry out the installation! It’s very easy!

Additionally, a User Manual is also provided as well as a CD-Rom with the Software and Styles etc.

What’s in the box?

• Installation Tutorial DVD
• Software CD-Rom
• 60 Styles already programmed for the Platinum Drums • Styles 2011 Style Set (Pre-programmed for Platinum

Drummer) for customers with Styles 2011! • A4 User Manual and Programming Guide • Software Activation Code information

When are the Platinum Drums available?

It’s actually shipping already. We developed it in the Sum- mer and launched it exclusively at our Oktoberfest festi- val 2013 (October) as a special exclusive to WERSI OAS owners who pre-ordered it at a very special discount. We shipped the first Platinum Drums software in November 2013.

It is available now! The normal Price for this software is £399.00, but we’re setting an introductory price of £299.00 (£100.00 off)! You can also use the special Christmas 20% Discount to gain a further 20% discount too. Use Code: crimbo2013 


Purchase the new software here

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