Platinum Drums User Manual - Expanded

Good news! We're pleased to announce that we've expanded the User Manuals for the Platinum Drum. You can now download the PDF file here

It includes hints and tips with regards to using the virtual drummer as well as understanding the effects anit digital mixer settings for using Platinum Drums.


Please note, for readers wondering what this is, we'll be launching the Platinum Drums officially in the first quarter of 2014. Demos and videos will be posted online in January 2014 as well as buying options and free Styles that have been pre-programmed to use the new Virtual Drummer software.

Guests at our Oktoberfest 2013 had the exclusive opportunity to purchase the software before General Sale in January and had the software shipped to them in the past few weeks. We like to give exclusive opportunities and discounts at the Oktoberfest and it's a great reason to book up for the 2014 musical holiday festival! 

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