Virtuoso Soloists



40 Registrations for WERSI OAS 7 Instruments. 

The sound of the soloist... The Virtuoso, the expert, the most expressive... you get our meaning? With this software expansion, you can play with professional sounds of the Virtuoso Soloist. 

Whether you want to play the expressive sound of a soloist concert oboe virtuoso or the haunting sound of a Korean Grand Piano... this gives you everything you'll need. 


1. Virtuoso 80’s Electric Guitar 

2. Virtuoso Brass 

3. Virtuoso Chinese Flute 

4. Virtuoso Classical Concert Guitar 

5. Virtuoso Classical Guitar & Orch. 

6. Virtuoso Concert Harp 

7. Virtuoso Concert Harp Solo 

8. Virtuoso Electric Guitar Ballad 

9. Virtuoso English Horn 

10. Virtuoso Faure Flute + Orch. 

11. Virtuoso Grand Piano 

12. Virtuoso Hungarian Choir 

13. Virtuoso Irish Whistle 

14. Virtuoso Orchestral Oboe 

15. Virtuoso Panflute 1 

16. Virtuoso Panflute 2 

17. Virtuoso Panflute Golden Gate 

18. Virtuoso Pavane Woodwind 

19. Virtuoso Piano 80’s 

20. Virtuoso Real Steel 

21. Virtuoso Solo Trumpet 

22. Virtuoso Spanish Guitar 

23. Virtuoso Splendid Horns 

24. Virtuoso Steel Guitar 

25. Virtuoso Super-Art-Nylon Guitar 

26. Virtuoso Vienna Woods Zither 

27. Virtuoso Violin Norwegian Folk 

28. Virtuoso Violin Solo Sad 

29. Virtuoso Violin Solo 

30. Virtuoso Western Steel Guitar 

31. Virtuoso Alto Sax Solo 

32. Virtuoso Baritone Sax Solo 

33. Virtuoso Cello (Deep 

34. Virtuoso Classical Cello 

35. Virtuoso Female Opera 

36. Virtuoso Mexican Trumpet 

37. Virtuoso Mixed Choir 

38. Virtuoso Orchestral Trumpet 

39. Virtuoso Soprano Sax Solo 

40. Virtuoso Soprano (Vocals)