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New WERSI Sonic OAX Software Announcement

PRESS RELEASE:  A new software for Sonic V1.10 will be released next week and contains new functions and more.  1. Sheet Music on display, with more than 50 titles included and the ability to load your own as .png or .jpg files. 2. A new audio CD-Player function3. Audio recorder (Easy record)4. N...

Fusion (Part 2) - The free update for OAS Fusion customers ships Monday 7th September

The WERSI OAS Fusion Part 2 (free update) for customers ships on Monday 7th September.  All existing Fusion customers will receive their update software in the post.  The new update includes:  - New Sounds - New SFX libary - Style Fix for customers who do not have Platinum Drums.   

Robert Bartha to tour Europe with NEW WERSI Sonic OAX1000

We have just received news that WERSI will unveil a new flagship organ, the Sonic OAX1000. This will replace the WERSI Louvre GS1000, which ceases production this month to make way for the new Sonic OAX1000.   It is anticipated (but not confirmed) that next year, Louvre GS1000 customers will ...